Delete files automatically

File Juggler will monitor selected folders and when a file matches your conditions, it will delete it automatically.

Some folders just fill with files slowly over time: Download folders, log file folders, temp folders, the desktop.

Cleaning out these folders automatically will make it easier to find what you need, and save disk space.

You can use delete to clean up folders that tend to grow and become messy over time. Here we monitor the downloads folder and automatically deletes everything older than 3 weeks.

When deleting files a good idea to use send to recycle bin first. You can always change to the permanent delete when you have seen that your rule works as expected.

Lets say you want to keep pdf files you have downloaded. You can add a condition so File Juggler will not delete pdf files.

Organize your desktop

See how you can use File Juggler to automatically clear up the mess on your desktop.

Keep your desktop clean and organized

Stay in control of your downloads

More strategies for how to use File Juggler to stay in control of your downloads folder.

Keep order in your downloads folder

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