Move documents with File Juggler

You can use File Juggler to organize your documents automatically based on the contents of the file.

This rule will take all documents that contain the word Volkswagen and move them to the Carmakers folder.

Using variables to rename

If you need to organize different types of content in the same way, you can create variables. This way you can easily organize all Carmakers the same way.

The variable in this example is a word list variable that contains the words Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler and Pagani.

Read more about using variables here.

This rule does the same as the rule above, but it uses a list of carmakers instead of simply searching for Volkswagen.

Organize files by keywords

Here we look for keywords in file names and file content to organize files. We have a list of project names that we look for, and if we have a match the file will be moved to the corresponding directory.

The keywords are added and changed in the project customers variable. If excel is found in a file, the file will be moved to the customers\microsoft directory.

It is easy to add or remove the keywords you want to search for. The project customers variable contains the complete list of keywords, and as new client and projects comes and goes, it's easy to adjust the rule to match the files you have.

More ways to organize documents

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