Extract downloaded files automatically

This is how you use File Juggler to extract compressed files that you have downloaded automatically. This rule is a simple little helping hand, that will save you a few clicks and seconds.

This rule monitors the download folder for compressed files, and when they appear File Juggler will extract them and send the compressed file to recycle bin.

If you're downloading big files you'll appreciate that the file is extracted automatically when the download is complete, and that File Juggler supports multipart rar archives.

If the extraction should fail for some reason File Juggler will not run the next action. So you're guaranteed that only files that are succesfully extracted are recycled. If you download multipart archives, File Juggler will wait until the archive is complete.

You could create another rule to move the extracted files to the right spot.

Stay in control of your downloads

Here are a few strategies for how to use File Juggler to stay in control of your downloads folder.

Keep order in your downloads folder

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