Rename documents with File Juggler

You can read words, dates or text patterns from documents and use them in your file names.

This rule will monitor a folder for Word documents. When a word document is created in the folder, File Juggler will automatically rename it to Word document.

You can create more useful names if you use variables as in the next example.

Find words in documents and add them to the file name

This rule will look through documents and search for names of companies. If the document contains a company name on the list, it will add that name to the file name.

This rule uses a variable called Company names that is a list of the company names to find.

This is how you use the contents of your documents to rename files

Use pdf properties to rename pdf files

You can add pdf properties like title and author to the file name of the pdf files, to make it easier to find the right file without opening it.

Rename pdf documents with pdf properties

Move documents

You can also move documents to keep your files organized. Extract data from documents and use it to place files in new or existring folders


See how to move documents

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