File Jugglers' Interface

An overview of File Jugglers interface where you manage and edit rules

The rule list

This is your list of rules and groups. You can drag and drop rules to order them and put them into rules. Use the checkbox button to start and stop a rule.

The rule edit tab

This is where you create and edit the rules that File Juggler runs.

In each if the rule windows section you can click + to add an element, and minus to remove. You can reorder elements by dragging and dropping.

The rule window is divided in three sections:


A description of the rule for your own convenience.


This is where you specify the folders that the rule should monitors.

Read more about monitors.


This where you specified the conditions that the file should match when File Juggler should take action.

Read more about the conditions you can set up.

In the file list, you will see a list of files that matches your current conditions. The file list will update automatically when you edit your conditions.

You can also see if the rule has processed the file. File Juggler will only process files when they are created or changes. If you want to force it to process a file again, you can right click the file here, and select "mark as pending".


Here you specify the actions File Juggler should take on the file.

Read more about the actions you can set up.

Creating rules

Tips and recommendations about creating rules in File Juggler.