Use of CPU and memory

How many resources File Juggler uses depends on your configuration

How much memory and cpu resources File Juggler uses depends completely on how many files File Juggler should examine and process, and how it should examine and process them.

Some of the factors that affect cpu and memory usage are:

  • Reading and extracting content from files uses much more resources than using file metadata like file name, size and file dates, because File Juggler will need to open the file and read the content to examine the file.
  • When a file juggler starts or you start a rule, File Juggler will examine all files in the folder. After the inital scan, it will wait for notifications of changes, and will only examine new and changed files, and cpu usage will drop dramatically.
  • The first time a new rule examines a folder it will need to examine all files. After the first scan, it will remember which files do not match your conditions, and only examine them again if they are modified. So the second complete scan should go faster.